14 Things You Need to Know About Human Trafficking

The issues surrounding human trafficking, sex trafficking, and prostitution are complex and profound.

From the largest cities to the smallest villages, human trafficking touches every community on the planet — and destroys lives.

TheTraffickedHuman.org explores these issues from a gender equality and human rights perspective, and includes provocative images, information, video clips, and links to the top human trafficking resources on the web.

TheTraffickedHuman.org is a group of concerned citizens based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver endeavours to be the greenest city in the world; yet, it suffers an ugly blight.

Among other sources, we use video clips from the film Red Light, Green Light, by two filmmakers who travel across ten countries to explore these issues. The first video clip is below, and others follow. 

Watch the short clip below, and then click the "Next" button (lower right) to get informed about human trafficking. 





Video clip from the film Red Light, Green Light: Prevention, Prosecution, and Protection