10 of 14 - Consequences of Legalization

Eros Escape, Doetinchem, Netherlands

Legalization refers to regimes like Australia (some states), Germany and the Netherlands that have removed criminal sanctions but also regulate prostitution, attempting to control the prostitution industry. 

Legalization of prostitution:

   Opens doors for traffickers, with increase in profits

   Increases international trafficking (more foreign women are needed to meet the demand); women are frequently recruited from Romania and Russia.  

   Promotes sex trafficking

   Expands the sex industry, both legal and illegal

   Increases illegal and street prostitution

   Increases child prostitution

   Does not protect the women and children in prostitution

   Increases the demand side by encouraging men to buy more women for sex for profit

   Does not promote women’s health

   Does not enhance women’s choice 

   Increases organized crime and gang networks

   Increases violence and deaths

Generally, legalization normalizes the sexual exploitation of women and children and lets the predators act with impunity.  

Image Credit: By Vulkanhorn (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons. This brothel is conveniently located near highway exits. Even the golden arches are nearby; notice top-right above the billboard tower.