6 of 14 - Pornography

Pornography is a form of sexual discrimination, violating the civil rights of women while encouraging sexual aggression, battering, sexual abuse, harassment and prostitution.  

It is a crime against women and is not entertainment.  It is fuelled by demand and treats women and girls as commodities; it uses tactics of power and control.   

   Pornography is about money and using sex to make a financial profit.

   Pornography thrives on displaying and normalizing sexual behavior that is harmful and abusive to women.

   Many women and children are forced to work in pornography.

   Repeated use of pornography affects men’s behavior.

   Men involved in pornography are more likely to become involved in human trafficking.

   Pornography acts as the training ground for prostitution.

 Advisory: The video clips below include mature content.


Video clip from HopefortheSold.com: Connections Between Porn, Prostitution & Trafficking