Full Decriminalization


11 - Full Decriminalization Model in New Zealand

Complete decriminalization in countries such as New Zealand and Nevada, USA has proven to be ineffective. Neither the buyer nor the prostituted person can be charged because there is no law. Unlike the “legalization” in countries like Germany, they have no way of charging buyers who are violent unless the sexually exploited person reports the crime. Moreover, they have seen an increase in young girls entering and an increase in street and child prostitution.

“Since New Zealand’s Prostitution Reform Act (PRA) was passed in 2003, street prostitution has got worse than it ever was before. Children as young as nine are being pimped out on the streets by gangs, relatives, and even parents. Children as young as 12 are being sold in licensed brothels. When we hear of sex tourism, we think of Thailand and Cambodia. Well think New Zealand too, because it’s happening there – but unless you are looking for it you won’t see it.”
Ally-Marie Diamond, Survivor, New Zealand

As Chelsea, a survivor of decriminalization explained that when you work on the streets, your pimps are the gangs. When you work in a brothel, your pimps are businessmen. You are considered an independent contractor when it comes time for taxes.

Legalization of prostitution:

  • Opens doors for traffickers, with increase in profits and organized crime
  • Mega brothels increase trafficking locally and foreign women are needed to meet the demand
  • Increase street prostitution
  • Increase child prostitution
  • Does not protect the women and children in prostitution
  • Increases the demand side by encouraging men to buy more women for sex for profit
  • Does not promote women’s health or choice

Generally, legalization normalizes the sexual exploitation of women and children and lets the predators act with impunity.

Prostitution and Human Trafficking in New Zealand - Aotearoa

Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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