5 - Pornography Influences Prostitution

Pornography has been called “the public health crisis of the digital age.”[1] 

Dr. Gail Dines, professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College, commented that “we know that trafficking is increasing — which means demand is increasing. This means that men are increasingly willing to have sex with women who are being controlled and abused by pimps and traffickers.”

“There are only two conclusions here: That men are naturally willing to do this to women — biology — or that they are being socialized by the culture to lose all empathy for women,” Dines said. “I refuse to accept that men are born rapists, porn users, or johns.”

“As an academic, a sociologist, and mother, I believe it is the way men are shaped by society,” said Dines. “The biggest sex educator of young men today is pornography, which is increasingly violent and dehumanizing, and it changes the way men view women.”[2] 

Pornography changes the way that men see women, dehumanizing them and turning them into objects available for consumption. According to a report from Shared Hope International on sex trafficking, pornography is the primary gateway to the purchase of humans for commercial sex.[3] The link between pornography, trafficking and prostitution cannot be denied.

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