Exploitation Online


6 - Internet Exploitation and Child Abuse

Adverse events that invoke stress in children, impair their development and long-term integration into society, increase their vulnerability.

Over one million images of child abuse are on the Internet, involving an estimated 50,000 different victims from around the world.

Canada has the third highest number of child sexual abuse images in the world. 85% are children under 12 years of age.

“Never before has it been easier for perpetrators to make contact with children, share images of abuse, hide their identity and profits – and inspire each other to commit further crimes."

"Behind every image, video or screen, there is a real child victim being sexually exploited.”[1] 

Some forms of sexual exploitation:

• pressure to send naked images
• pressure to engage in sexual acts at parties
• forced prostitution by pimps boyfriending or befriending youth
• sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships
• pressure to engage in sexual acts through online predators
• selling of sex by girlfriends of gang members

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